Four Day Beard – Chasing Birds (2020)

With the first single off their latest album ‘Chasing Birds’, Four Day Beard looks at love, connection and mortality. This brooding requiem is the perfect introduction to the nocturnal soundscape of the album. Melding smoky vocals with catchy rock melodies, they create a dreamscape of deep tones and wisping elements.

The band continues their contemplation of modern life with their new music. Taking you through emotional layers of self-discovery, they artfully weave through feeling like you are on the outside looking in. With their latest single, they will get you hooked to their sound while falling into their contemplations of life and emotion.

‘Chasing Birds’ draws you in with a soaring guitar line tempered by deep beats. The vibrating guitars create the broody soundscape of the single as they swirl around your head. There is a floating pace to the melody that has you drifting in a twilight-filled space. The guitar riffs that cut through the nocturnal soundscape are a pleasure to listen to as they both send you flying while pulling you further into the undergrowth. There is an interesting movement to the melody that washes over you as you are floating to the vocals.

As the melody creates a twilight space, the vocals have a smoky feeling to them. They wisp around you and run through your fingers as you try to grab onto them. While misting across your skin, the vocal performance offers a sweetness to the brooding of the melody. There is a drawing quality to the performance that wraps you in the emotions of the track.

Four Day Beard uses a brooding yet sweet dreamscape to consider love, connections and mortality in ‘Chasing Birds’. The broody melody is created with soaring guitar lines and engaging riffs. The vocals are smoky but sweet as they mist over your skin.

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