Rogue Proxy – Pump The Hype (2020)

If Daft Punk was to have a lovechild with Foo Fighters, but it was raised by The Clash and Deep Purple, then Rogue Proxy would be it. Highly distinctive with their merging of punk, electropop, indie-rock and alternative rock, the Canadian group is building a reputation for eclecticism and innovativeness. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Pump The Hype’.

Driven by dynamic guitars, powerful bass grooves and captivating drums, each of Rogue Proxy’s singles have a genre-defying individuality. Following the slower, folk-rock meets metal ‘To The Nines’, ‘Pump The Hype’ is a high-speed track ensnaring the senses from the second. Add rough vocals with brusque lyricism to the mix and you have something that demands attention.

While one could assume ‘Pump The Hype’ to be another punk song, it is so much more than that! As with The Clash, Sex Pistols and Black Flag, Rogue Proxy focuses on sociopolitical issues, propaganda and living in a mind-numbing society. Leaning toward “protest song” status, ‘Pump The Hype’ is a tribute to the dismal state of the nation; however, there is an underlying sense of hopefulness to overcome these challenging times.

What I find particularly interesting about Rogue Proxy is their completely genre-defying sound. While ‘Pump The Hype’ begins with a brash punk call-out with the first line screaming “Hey, you”, there is a smooth transition to a robust rap-rock style. Pioneers in their own right, it is clear that Rogue Proxy is not to be pigeon-holed in any way.

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