Frances and the Majesties – Three Dogs (2020)

Frances and the Majesties is a unique band hailing from the UK, Italy and Morocco. The seven-piece includes Francesca Landi, Alberto Toniolo, Daniele Mondin, Amine Khizani, Sarah Kershaw, Roberto Zordan and Nicola Dellai. Together they explore the sounds of 60’s rock & roll with psychedelic tones and modern twists. Following their debut EP, they have recently released ‘Three Dogs’.

The track is a reflection on a pre-band era and the journey to get where they are. Two recurring themes in the song are struggle and transformation. This is handled in their unique creative way and drawing on a range of influences.

‘Three Dogs’ grabs you with a retro vibe with melodic instruments from the ’60s. There is this great psychedelic tone to the track highlighted by the organ playing in the background. The melody sounds a little rough, but this adds to the charm of the track. There is a bit of distortion used to create a scratchy feeling to the music.

This unfinished feeling helps the vocals pierce through the melody. The performance is soft, but powerful and provides a floating layer to the catchy bass line. Overall, it is an unbelievably catchy tune that you could easily listen to on repeat.

Frances and the Majesties hit you with both retro and modern vibes on ‘Three Dogs’. The 60’s elements combine with a catchy modern bass line to keep you hooked. The rough feel to the melody adds a unique edge to the track.

Find out more about Frances and the Majesties on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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