Vern Asbury – Something Inside (2020)

Vern Asbury is a solo artist who has worked as a session musician for artists including Paloma Faith, Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi. He is now ready to drop his own music. His latest track is ‘Something Inside’ and features Sam Bourne on bass and synth.

This track is all about having an acceptance for second-hand love. When writing the song, Asbury wanted to create a bitter-sweet love song that breaks away from his pop-rock comfort zone. This was his first attempt at writing in this vain and it is something special.

‘Something Inside’ is hauntingly beautiful from the first notes. Asbury opens the track with his bewitching and soft vocals accompanied by a dreamy guitar. It could be the gentle timbre of his vocals or the emotive performance that grabs you, but you will be hooked regardless.

While the vocals are mesmerising, the lyrics and melody also draw you in. Melodically, the track is easy to listen with a gentle beat throughout. The arrangement is skilfully executed to provide the basis of something special. The lyrics are evocative and lay out the message of the track in all its bittersweet glory.

If there is one track you should listen to today, it is ‘Something Inside’ by Vern Asbury. The track is a bittersweet ballad that casts a spell over you from the first notes. For a first stab at this style, Asbury has hit it out of the park.

Find out more about Vern Asbury on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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