Francesco Fonte Band – Eight (2018)

Francesco Fonte Band Eight album cover
Image courtesy of Francesco Fonte Band

Francesco Fonte Band is a progressive rock band from London, UK.  They formed in 2011 and consist of Francesco Fonte (vocals and guitar), Douglas Casserly (bass) and Wayne Wheeler (drums).  Their new album, Eight, is out now via NMTCG Records.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Necropolis Eye’, and it starts with a heavy guitar riff when the drums kick in.  It’s a heavy song that draws you in right away.  The vocals are amazing with some metal scream vocals which are fantastic; the bass line is nice and strong.

The track ‘Sun’ starts with guitar and drum symbols; the vocals kick in and are brilliant, the lyrics are great, the bass line is catchy, and the guitar riffs are very addictive.  The high vocals are amazing.  The track ‘Universe Garden’ begins with epic rock guitar riffs and a catchy drum beat.  The vocals sound very good.  It’s a very soothing song, a bit softer than the last two, but has some strong guitar riffs with amazing high vocals.

The track ‘Bloody Dream’ starts with guitar riffs and drum symbols.  The guitar begins to sound ‘rocky’ when the vocals kick in and are brilliant.  It has a sound that keeps you intrigued, and when the high vocals kick in, there is a heavy rock sound.  It’s about not wanting someone to get to him and wanting to get away from them.

The track ‘Dancer Of Love’ begins with drum symbols and an eerie sound using guitar riffs.  The vocals start, and it has a sound that really keeps you interested to see where it’s going to go.  The vocals are great, and the bass line is nice and heavy, it has an epic guitar solo, and there are amazing high vocals.  ‘Never Ending’ starts with guitar riffs; the vocals kick in and are brilliant.  It’s about someone who has lied and been a horrible person.  It has a great drum beat and heavy bass line, which sounds really good.  It also has some excellent metal sounding vocals in it.

The track ‘Burn’ begins with a drum beat, then a movement into a bass guitar solo along with the drums.  An electric guitar kicks in followed by vocals.  This track is about someone he wants to get off his case; they seem to really annoy him.  It’s a little bit of a softer song.

‘The Dark Heath (Live)’ starts with sounds from outdoors, you can hear birds, a person walking around and traffic.  Spoken words kick in followed by a drum beat and a great bass line; the guitar riffs are awesome.  It has eerie ‘backwards’ vocals which give it a very haunting sound.  The live vocals are amazing, and the whole band are absolutely fantastic live.

Eight is out now and is highly addictive.  It’s definitely worth buying, especially if you’re a huge rock fan as it has soft rock songs and very heavy rock songs.

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