Freeboot – Eyes Wide Open (2020)

With his debut EP Eyes Wide Open, Freeboot blends different genres for tracks that are extremely relatable. Tapping into common experiences and emotions, he asks questions that really get you thinking. From disconnects with family to the constant daily grind, he taps into modern life before twisting it into enthralling music.

The EP comes after years of reviewing music on YouTube and his ever-growing following wanting to hear his original pieces. With an appearance by popular TikTok star Rifenstine, the album really delivers what his fans have been asking for. Diverse, melancholic, uplifting and nostalgic, the EP has a little something for everyone and will leave you feeling satisfied.

The EP starts with the title track ‘Eyes Wide Open’ which is a very personal song about being exhausted yet unable to stop pushing yourself. This is expressed using a deep soundscape full of brooding depths and shuffling tones. The layered melody gives the impression of that disconnect that comes when you are too tired to deal with anything but still need to push through. This combines with Mathew McKenna’s vocals which use a melodic hip-hop flow to bring the daily grind to life.

‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ hits you with a more party vibe, but this is tempered with darkness. The beats get you moving to their flow while the lyrics take you to a party that you really don’t want to be at. Through the music, you are filled with the vibes of not wanting to be somewhere but having to stay regardless of your feelings. The movement of the vocals is amazing on this track as the verses fill you with the pace of a party woven around your lack of interest in it. The chorus gets a lively beat with more melodic vocals that let you know that your feelings don’t really matter in this situation.

There are people who put you down to overcome their own insecurities and this is the basis of ‘Good Place’. Using a flowing melody full of piano lines dancing over heavier beats, Freeboot teams up with Rifenstine for this track. There is a completely different vibe to this song compared to the rest of the EP. There is a smoother pop flow with a hint of pop-rock thrown in. Through the vocals, you are filled with a good vibe as you get to tell the person bringing you down that you are better than this and actually in a good place. This is a wonderful melodic middle finger to those who want to bring you down.

The EP ends with ‘Wish I Was Still a Kid’ which hits you with some nostalgic vibes from the first moment. The plucky notes have a retro feel to them while the lyrics are packed with memories. McKenna’s vocals have a sense of longing for connection with someone who is not around. Through the nostalgic lyrics and vocals, you get the sense that time has moved too fast and managed to get away from you. This is an extremely relatable track whether you have been in the same situation or not.

Freeboot blends genres and musical styles for his EP Eyes Wide Open which is packed with melancholy, nostalgia, the daily grind and uplifting vibes. Each track is unique and showcases everything he has to offer. While only 4-tracks long, the EP is one that you will want to have on repeat because it is just so awesome.

Find out more about Freeboot on his Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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