TruckerBomb – Cannibal (2021)

Through the sarcastic splash, honest lyrics and country-rock sensibilities of ‘Irregardlessly’, TruckerBomb got us addicted to their fresh sound. Since then, they have continued to capture the hearts of listeners. With their single ‘Cannibal’, they bring their signature lyricism to a quirky turn while laying out an interesting and unusual story. Pondering what is really happening with the neighbours around us, the band brings a delightful twist of humour to evocative lyrics.

Not only does the single continue the catchy lyrics of the band, but the stunning blend of melodic tones also resonates through the soundscape. With Americana meeting rock sprinkled with some country vibes, they have you singing along and grooving to their beats. If you are in the mood for an up-tempo swing of a track, you are definitely in the right place.

‘Cannibal’ hooks you from the first second with a driving melody that pulses into your senses. The mixture of guitars and drums is fantastic as it has you rocking out with the music while filling you with the freedom of the open road. This drops for the verses giving a hint of darkness to the soundscape that bolsters the vocals perfectly. The melody is an amazing blend of tones that brings a touch of Americana and country to some old-school rock. It is a really captivating sound that you can’t help but get lost in.

As the melody gets you into the flow of the single, the vocals drive the final hooks into your brain. There is a light gruffness to the vocals that slides into the storytelling lyrics. The picture painted by the lyrics is engaging, evocative, quirky and entirely too enjoyable. There is a touch of something relatable mixed in with a splash of the unusual. Through all of this, the vocal performance is catchy and might just have you shouting out about cannibal neighbours with them. The evocative imagery and emotions woven into the vocals shine through the soundscape where it is picked up and enhanced by the melody. This all comes together for a single that is fun, engaging and so easy to have on repeat.

TruckerBomb adds quirky yet evocative lyrics to storytelling vocals and a melody that hooks you from the first moment in ‘Cannibal’. From the first second of the track, you are pulled under their engaging spell and, honestly, you really don’t want to be anywhere else. The lyrics are fun with a delightful balance of relatable situations and odd thoughts. This is scratched into your brain by vocals that slide through your defences and stick in your mind long after the track has ended.

Find out more about TruckerBomb on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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