FYDStar – Scream (2020)

If you are looking for a song that tells you an entire story from start to finish, look no further than ‘Scream’ by FYDStar. The single is a stomping, splurging hybrid of metal and hard rock that takes you on an intergalactic tale of irritation, affection, desperation and not getting the girl. Thundering against you from start to finish you are going to want to turn the volume up while listening.

Shockingly, the amount of noise on the track comes from just two people. Gareth Symons (vocals, bass) and Simon Potter (drums) combine their abilities to leave you speechless in the wake of their sound. This single also features the vocal talents of Kate Proudlove.

‘Scream’ puts you into a galactic state of mind with pulsating synths. You are then hit by the grinding heavy tones and noise of the bass. Below this thundering sound is the drum that actually adds a measured pace to the proceedings. The melody is really wonderful in all its cosmic stomping glory as it bounds through you. Those synth notes come and go throughout the song adding a little something to the track. The thundering pace does drop at the end of the track to wind everything down perfectly.

As the melody is bashing your ears and chest, Symons’ vocals form the protagonist while Proudlove is his exasperated object of affection. There is a great interplay between them in the lyrics as Symons is sure of his position while Proudlove progressively gets more irritated. Symons’ vocals have a grounded feeling to them while Proudlove has a much airier vibe which adds to the interplay. Throughout this interplay, you are taken on the journey of a failed attempted to get together.

FYDStar takes you on a galactic noise fest full of pounding bass, steady drums, airy vocals and the rightful conclusion of not getting the girl in ‘Scream’. This is an unbelievably fun song with great interplay between the vocals and this noisy melody that you can’t help but enjoy.

Find out more about FYDStar on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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