Adar Alfandari – How I’m Gonna Make You Mine (2020)

Making the first move toward a person you are interested in can be a daunting experience. There are all sorts of stories and excuses you tell yourself to avoid taking this first step. These moments are what Adar Alfandari looks at in his new single ‘How I’m Gonna Make You Mine’. Using lyrics full of metaphors, he considers all the excuses we use to avoid these first steps. The intimate production enhances the message and helps it transcend relationships into a view of stalled life.

Led by fingerpicking, the single is the second from Alfandari’s debut album Gold Dust. He was not always a solo artist and competed on the last season of The Voice Israel with his brother and their band.

Alfandari’s fingerpicking guitar style opens ‘How I’m Gonna Make You Mine’ and sets the folk tone of the track. The light notes lead you to his deep vocals that gently caress your ears. There is something soothing about his voice that you can’t help but get lost in. You can hear a raw honesty in his voice as the song progresses making it a great vehicle for the emotions of the track.

As you get lost in Alfandari’s vocals, the melody continues to enchant in the background. The light guitar has an intimacy to it that makes you think of cosy corners. The violin that comes in later adds a little something to the song. While this could make the single melancholic, the violin has been used in such a way that it elevates the endearing nature of the track.

Adar Alfandari looks at taking the first step either in a relationship or in life in general on ‘How I’m Gonna Make You Mine’. This light folk song is gentle on the ears and absolutely endearing. The charming vocals meld with the light guitar and bolstering violin.

Find out more about Adar Alfandari on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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