Garrow Hill – Versions (2021)

Serendipity is a wonderful thing (most of the time) and it was serendipity that formed Garrow Hill. After meeting at their workplace, Mark Chappell (vocals and guitar) and PG Branton (drums) began speaking about music and their bands – I mean, this isn’t exactly “watercooler conversation” is it? Anyway, Chappell and Branton introduced Stew King (vocals and guitar) to Dan Rawcliffe (bass) and they soon began performing live as a quartet.

With their energetic, high-paced sound, Garrow Hill comes at you with the force of a bullet. Featured on notable blogs, local radio stations and supporting international artists (one of which was supposed to be Janus Stark), the group are capturing the attention of people across the globe. Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP, the lads add ‘Versions’ to their discography.

Recorded at Inner Sound Studios with Joe Graves (Glamour of the Kill, Asking Alexandria), ‘Versions’ is a fiery track filled with powerful guitars, pounding drums and rich vocals. A melodic cascade of harmonic instrumentation, the track has a soothing quality despite the scorching guitar solos interspersed throughout. Yet, while ‘Versions’ is upbeat – in the way hard rock sounds are upbeat – the melody oozes desperation and inner turmoil.

“‘Versions’ is a song that looks at appearance, or what is perceived as the superficial judgement on appearance, looking beneath the obvious to what kind of character a person can be. A hidden message about the veneer of deceit or a genuine guardian angel.” – Garrow Hill on ‘Versions’

Elegantly traversing the red-hot guitars, King brings a raw honesty and sincerity to ‘Versions’ with his throaty vocals. The eloquent execution of ‘Version’s poignant lyricism enhances the grittiness of the message to really get the point across. Yet, while there is a sinister creepiness in the dark vocals, King projects uplifting robustness to the track. It’s like sticking your hand in a pool of darkness but it comes out with a silvery thread around the grubby paw.

For more from Garrow Hill check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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