Rafaèlla – Big World (2021)

Moving somewhere new can be a daunting experience full of feeling lost in a new place. These emotions are the basis of ‘Big World’ by Rafaèlla which dips into her personal experience of moving to London and feeling lost. While covered with an untethered wave of emotion, the single brings the realisation that there is a lot to discover in a new place once you take that first step.

While Rafaèlla has been working in the music industry since a young age, having performed alongside her father, she only recently started releasing her own music. With two singles in 2020, she took listeners on a journey of heartbreak. With this track, she takes us on a voyage of discovery while working through being overwhelmed by a new environment with the help of long-time collaborator MiM!.

‘Big World’ draws you into the track with Rafaèlla’s vocals. Her voice is a delicate folky thread that lightly fills you with a sense of being overwhelmed. Through the emotion in her performance, you can almost feel the hustle and bustle of the city moving around you as you attempt to find your place. This feeling is wonderfully eased and enhanced by the chorus. MiM! comes in for the second verse to give you a two-sided story. There is a great connection through the duet as you feel each reach out for something to hold onto in an unfamiliar world.

As the vocals have you feeling the overwhelming sense of uncertainty that comes with moving to a new place, the melody is doing its own thing. A gentle acoustic guitar tone at the start of the single, it gradually gains depth. This comes to a pulsing conclusion on the chorus as the melody rises against the vocals bringing a hopeful feeling with it. The vibe of the music acknowledges the feelings of the vocals but tempers this with a feeling of openness and curiosity. Through the soft flows of the music, your eyes are turned to the possibilities of the world.

Rafaèlla and MiM! team up to fill you with the overwhelming feeling of new places only to wrap you in the potential of the world in ‘Big World’. A delicate duet, the vocals reach out to each other and lightly align on the chorus. Under this, the melody softly fills you with a sense of potential and the urge to discover what the world has to offer.

Find out more about Rafaèlla on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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