Gary Collocott – Corrupted Young Mind (2021)

While commercial incentives can be very tempting, there often seems to be a price to pay for this. Gary Collocott considers how these incentives can limit creativity and experimentation in music through the sounds of ‘Corrupted Young Mind’. Inspired by the difference between what engaged people at his gigs and what he was hearing on the radio, he looks at the freedom that comes with the creativity of making music.

Offering a sense of powerful evolution and meaning, the single taps into rock roots for a bold sound. Since his first release in 2017, Collocott has been gaining traction on the music scene with his last single getting positive feedback on blogs and radio stations. Now, he is bringing bold energy with some freedom-fighting vibes that are sure to get you hyped.

‘Corrupted Young Mind’ has you grooving to its vibe from the first engaging tone. There is an irresistible vibe to the music that hooks you to the sound of the track. The movement of the melody hits a crescendo on the chorus that makes you want to really get down to it. There are these zipping tones that are an excellent addition to the more rock tones of the melody. There is a lot going on in the melody that all come together for the most engaging flow.

The rise and fall of Collocott’s vocals further hook you to his sound. His vocal performance effortlessly draws you into the swings of the music before sending you soaring on the chorus. The catchy lyrics will have you singing along while your body moves to the music. His performance is really interesting as it is both smooth and bouncing. The dichotomy of the movement is just another aspect of the track that has you captivated and enthralled.

Gary Collocott hooks you to his dynamic sound with the rise and fall of his vocals against the layered melody of ‘Corrupted Young Mind’. Every aspect of the single grabs your attention and hooks you to the sound. This is a song that you can easily listen to again and again while adding it to the top of your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Gary Collocott on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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