Gemma Rogers – Rabbit Hole (2021)

As we get older, the carefree nature of youth fades to a more serious and jaded outlook on life. Gemma Rogers is taking us out of the adult world for a moment and celebrating the special innocence and wonder of youth in ‘Rabbit Hole’. Using an incredible pop melody and vivid lyrics, she dusts our ears with nostalgia and the joy of youthful discoveries.

While the single takes listeners back in time to their carefree younger days, it also gives a taster of Rogers’ upcoming album. Bringing the best elements of pop sub-genres together, the track has you bouncing to her sound. If the music itself doesn’t capture your imagination, the accompanying music video will as it pulls you into the depths of the imagery.

‘Rabbit Hole’ slowly builds through the opening with delicate pop tones. The gentle tones bring a stillness that shimmers into vibrant and lively movements. The danceable tones of the synths are like neon lights flashing across your eyes and filling you with youthful energy. There is a slightly retro tone woven into the melody as the chorus shines with a wonderful vibrancy through the soundscape. The guitars bring an organic edge to the synths of adding a human element to the energy of the track. The movement of the melody is amazing as it keeps you hooked while bringing youth, energy, happiness and a celebration to your ears.

The softness of the opening is met by the whispers of Rogers’ vocals. Her voice is gentle through the opening like talking louder will break the magical spell resting over everything. This changes as the melody picks up the dancing vibes and her voice soars into a carefree twirl on the dancefloor. As her voice has you dancing around, she dusts everything with a sense of nostalgia and a remembrance of the freedom of youth. The chorus is really catchy and you will the urge to sing along as you dance like crazy.

If the energy of the single doesn’t have you moving to its groove, the music video will get you into the vibe. There is a slightly surreal feeling to the video as it opens with an awakening only to dive head-first into heading out for a party. Through the imagery, you have a slight Wonderland feeling that is mixed with a modern edge. It is such an easy video to watch that fills you with the energy of the track.

Gemma Rogers has you dancing to a vibrant celebration of the carefree nature of youth in ‘Rabbit Hole’. The melody picks up the best elements of pop and Rogers crafts them into an infectious melody that gets you moving without any effort. Her vocals have a nostalgic edge while filling you with a light energy.

Find out more about Gemma Rogers on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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