Sentient Robot – Afterglow (2020)

Sentient Robot helps us chart our own path with their single ‘From the Outset (Your Own Way)’. A continuation of this theme is the single ‘Afterglow’ which was released earlier this year. The track works through the efforts of trying to escape from a scenario you are secretly addicted to. While this is not a situation that everyone has found themselves in, through the music, it is one that everyone can identify with.

The playful and rich sound of the band shines through on this single and wraps around you for emotional fortification. Drawing on 80s synths and alternative rock, they create a lively yet unique sound that you can’t escape once you start listening.

‘Afterglow’ gets you into the vibe of the track from the first moment. The beats that hit you get your shoulders moving to the rhythm. There is a very positive feeling to the melody that has you flying to the music. As you listen, the melody fills you with a positivity and feeling of strength making you think that you can do anything you want. The catchiness of the melody hooks you and draws you further into the song giving the lyrics and vocals a chance to infiltrate your senses.

Nat O’Brien’s vocals come in early and have this light vibe to them. His smooth delivery is a steady thread against the lively vibes of the melody. However, for the chorus he has you soaring into the stratosphere. There are these vocal injections throughout the single that just add a little fun to the proceedings. Through the lyrics, you are placed in a situation that you could become addicted to while the strength to escape is slowly injected into you.

Sentient Robot fills you with positive energy while escaping addictive scenarios in their single ‘Afterglow’. The melody pumps you full of positive and lively energy while the vocals form a stable thread to lead you out of an addictive situation.

Find out more about Sentient Robot on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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