Ghost Singers – Ain’t Got The Style (2020)

Heartbreak is a feeling that has spawned a plethora of songs from rock to pop and everything in between. It is now the turn of Ghost Singers to give us their perspective of this universal feeling in their single ‘Ain’t Got The Style’. This folky, bluesy acoustic single captures everything about heartbreak in the melody and vocals that will leave you feeling quite emotional.

This emotional hit comes from the collection of artists who make up Ghost Singers. Christy, Sarah, Maddy and Brian have never actually met and come from across the world. Their sounds combine to create the pleasurable and emotive listening experience that is the band.

‘Ain’t Got The Style’ has this light acoustic guitar opening that gently pulls you into the song. There is an easiness to the track that lets you sit back and enjoy it. The light and steady melody sets the tone of the single. There is a resoluteness hanging around the melody. This makes you feel that what has happened is inevitable and there is nothing you can do to change it.

This feeling is compounded by the vocals. The vocal performance as this light bluesy feeling that melds with the folky melody. The combination is what drives the emotions of the lyrics home. While a relatively minimalist single, the stripped-back approach to this subject actually enhances the emotional impact as you can hear the heartbreak in the vocals. It also makes the single easy to listen to.

‘Ain’t Got The Style’ by Ghost Singers is minimalistic yet utterly heartbreaking and leaves you emotionally drained. The stripped-back melody highlights the vocals that have just the right amount of resignation and desolation to drive the emotions of the track home.

Find out more about Ghost Singers on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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