Cxl Mxck – Modern Day Romance (2021)

According to Edgar Allen Poets, UK-based Cxl Mxck is “an infusion of Green Day and The Prodigy” which is well noted in his previous singles ‘100 mg’ and ‘Mushroom Treatment’. Yet, this 20-something from Cheshire is not afraid to go further mixing pop, punk, rock and emo in his material. Despite having started this solo project in 2020, with most of his material released in 2021, Cxl Mxck has received much acclaim from notable blogs like Rising Artists Blog and Its All Indie, as well as various radio stations including BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. The latest addition to his well-received repertoire is ‘Modern Day Romance’.

Following his debut EP, Me, Myself Or Die (read our interview here), ‘Modern Day Romance’ is a sophisticated merging of grunge, emo, pop and punk – something that is fully heard on the debut EP. Combining pounding drums, screeching guitars and rich vocals, the single is a sonic punch in the face. What I find intriguing is not only the melodic arrangement but the pace of the song. While beginning as a softer, soothing rock ballad, Cxl Mxck soon explodes into a riot of sound weaving grunge-esque distortion into the kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Known for his intimate and intense nature, Cxl Mxck’s music engages with audiences on a different level. The personal narrative effortlessly connects with listeners as they interpret the powerful content to meet their emotions. Regarding ‘Modern Day Romance’, Cxl Mxck shares that he “…wanted to write a punk song with a bit of cheekiness. I’m very open about sex and casual sex really. ‘Modern Day Romance’ really is what it says on the tine, a generation of one-night stands and relentless nights.”

Alright, some audiences may find this pop-punk raunchiness leaving a bitter taste in their mouths, but it is a representation of modern-day society. Conceptual, while retaining an individualistic quality, the issue of casual sex is exposed in ‘Modern Day Romance’ highlighting Cxl Mxck’s ability to express the details of a contemporary world in a provocative and poignant way. Reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, Green Day and Machine Gun Kelly, ‘Modern Day Romance’ is a hard-hitting and beguiling teetering on the cusp of naivety and maturity.

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