Glass Ankle – Super Silkmen (2021)

What began as a musician living in Japan with a suitcase full of songs progressed to a critically acclaimed indie-rock quartet. With over a decade of performing as Glass Ankle, Greg Jackson (vocals, guitars and production), Chika Woodward (keys and glockenspiel), Joel Keers (bass) and Danny Shaw (drums) have featured on The Skinny, BBC Radio 6Music, Manchester Evening and many more publications. With a reputation for energetic live shows and captivating tunes, Glass Ankle have a strong global following. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘Super Silkmen’.

If you didn’t know, football (also known as soccer) is the beating heart of the UK. Inspired by the tale of Macclesfield FC from the depths of near extinction to their revival when purchased by Rob Smethurst, ‘Super Silkmen’ is a tribute to football adoration. Known for their passion, enthusiasm and utter dedication to the sport, English fans now have an anthem for their dedication.

What I find intriguing about ‘Super Silkmen’ is how you feel a swell of pride and love for the sport even if you know nothing about football. Combining dynamic instrumentation, Glass Ankle drags you into a whirlpool of sound decorated with Macclesfield FC paraphernalia. The merging of drums, guitars and keys falls down your back in a melodic cascade of elegant harmonies. Yet, while the melody is infectious in its jovial but soothing manner, it is the vocals that step over that bridge into anthemic awesomeness.

Lying somewhere between Oasis and Blur, Glass Ankle is the epitome of UK indie-rock. This is potentially a coincidence, but I find the English-inflexion on the prominent and backing vocals add a hint of British heritage to the song. Effortless executing the heartfelt lyricism, Jackson’s bold voice has a nostalgic, sincere and sentimental quality with a lingering optimism. While the combination of dulcet tones with jovial instrumentation is fantastic, it is the interspersed “football chanting” that truly brings the words home.

Setting the scene for an epic football match or mere passion for the sport, the backing vocals shout support for the beloved Macclesfield FC. An innovative addition, this element makes the track more tangible, relatable, robust and inspiring. ‘Super Silkmen’ may be a buoyant single representing the fans’ dedication; however, it is the incorporation of an anthemic chant that shows the true essence of British football. I’m not a football fan, but my heart swells with joy when I hear this song.

For more from Glass Ankle check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • March 24, 2021 at 5:18 pm

    Brilliant review, Nicole. Thanks so much for your kind words

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