Stephanie Heitz – Grace (2021)

With her single ‘Grace’, Stephanie Heitz has combined a love song with forgiveness. With a heart-wrenching vulnerability, she asks whether you would be willing to meet someone you used to love today and forgive them for the past. While the song can easily be interpreted in terms of a past relationship, there is a subjectivity woven into the track that makes you consider if the question comes from a higher power.

While Heitz has been singing her whole life after being inspired by her jazz musician grandmother, it was only in 2019 that her debut EP was released. Taking journal entries from a trying time in her life and turning them into songs, she cultivated an honest and vulnerable soundscape. Her touching melodics continue through this single while fusing pop, RnB and jazz.

A deep thrumming line opens ‘Grace’ and effortlessly pulls you into the single. There is an almost stepped movement to the melody as it progressively builds in power. The bass and deeper tones really grab you while the piano that comes in later lightly dances over these beats. While there are these layers to the music, there is also a relatively simple thread to the music. This is the pulling power of the melody that draws you into a space of questioning while the vocals do their thing.

Heitz’s vocals bring a jazzy feeling as she opens the single with a question. There is a wonderful musing feeling to her vocals that is wrapped around a delightful vulnerability. Her performance brings a light touch of RnB to the music but this is covered in a more jazzy pop vibe. The lyrics have a confessional structure as Heitz lays it all out while drawing you into her contemplations.

Stephanie Heitz has you questioning what you would do in a single situation while offering a confession of her emotions in ‘Grace’. Her vulnerable vocals have a musing edge to them as she makes you really think about the lyrics. The melody has a number of layers fusing together for a simple yet bolstering melodic flow.

Find out more about Stephanie Heitz on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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