Gorillaz – Meanwhile (2021)

British alternative band Gorillaz are back with their new EP Meanwhile. A tribute to Nottinghill Carnival, it’s a three-track project which features Jelani Blackman, Barrington Levy, AJ Tracy, and Alicaì Harley. Fun fact: the tracks were previewed at a free concert for NHS workers in London’s O2 Arena on August 10, 2021.

The project opens with ‘Meanwhile’ featuring Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy. The track starts with keyboard sounds and has is very slow with a catchy beat. The lyrics sound very heartfelt and soothing. ‘Meanwhile’ has a sort of R&B beat along with a reggae sound but blends together so well.

The track ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, featuring AJ Tracey, has a very strong reggae beat with catchy sounds. The chorus is extremely catchy and you can’t help sing along. ‘Déjà Vu’, featuring Alicai Harley, kicks off with 2D’s amazing vocals and Jamaican artist Harley humming along to the song. It has a very catchy chorus and captivating beat, and Harley does an amazing rap part in the middle of the song.

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