TeawhYB – All Gas No Brakes (2021)

If you need a call to action that helps you put your insecurities and misfortunes to bed, ‘All Gas No Brakes’ by TeawhYB is just what you need. Through the soulful harmonies and classic hip-hop stylings, he lets you know that everything negative has no place in your forward trajectory. With an energising pulse, he fills you with the drive to get to your next accomplishment.

Using his brand of authenticity, TeawhYB provides heartfelt explorations of self-actualisation covered by sorrow. While he was on his way to a budding musical career, he took some time off to come to terms with her personal identity. Once comfortable in his own skin, he set out to draw others out and avoiding hiding.

‘All Gas No Brakes’ bubbles to life with a rather interesting opening. The melodic vocals combine with the synth-pop pulses before the beats take over. The shimmering melody pulses a light energy into your chest before the vocals slide across you. The rolling beats are wonderful as they offer a forward movement that echoes the messaging of the lyrics. There is an infectious vibe to the music that fills you with a sense that everything is possible.

As you are filled with the energy of the melody, TeawhYB’s vocals thrum against your senses in a melodic rap. His vocals add a melodic line to the single while filling you with a powerful surge of motivation. The emotions within his voice help you slide the negativity off your shoulders and leave it in the past.

TeawhYB fills you with the energy to move forward while getting you pumped with motivation for the future in ‘All Gas No Brakes’. The melody pulses with a forward momentum and an infectious vibe. This vibe is enhanced by the vocals which fill you with the motivation to reach for your next accomplishment.

Find out more about TeawhYB on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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