Greg Bounce – Fear That Love (2021)

Bringing the synth-pop and soft-rock sounds of yesteryear into the 21st century, Greg Bounce is a revolutionary force in the contemporary pop industry. Frontman of UK group Cocoa Futures, Bounce creates an artistic soundscape with his intimate single. While this is only his first single as a solo musician, it has already received coverage from YMX, Earmilk, Roadie Music, Berlin On Air and many other online radio stations. May we introduce you to the man of the hour, Greg Bounce, with ‘Fear That Love’.

Based in the vibrant capital of Portugal, Bounce embraces the diverse cultures of Portugal and his home UK to influence his artist sound. A combination of soft guitars, steady drumbeats and soothing synths, ‘Fear That Love’ is a chilled tune. Using catchy guitar riffs, courtesy of Brendan Williams, and infectious choruses, ‘Fear That Love’ is filled with captivating beauty. What I find intriguing about the track is not the melody, but the juxtaposition of calm vibes and profound lyricism. It is this contrasting element that truly showcases Greg Bounce’s innovativeness.

Touching on issues of climate change and its life-ending consequences, ‘Fear That Love’ is a tale of a wedding before the earth goes up in a fiery blaze. Bounce explains that he “…wanted to play with the idea that we are fucking this world, but I wanted to tell it through normal places and normal people. You don’t really hear about them when the lads at the G7 chat about global warming.”

Taking brutal truths about existential concepts to another level, Bounce connects with his audience in an intimate and thought-provoking way. Melding electronica with pop sentiments, ‘Fear That Love’ makes environmental armageddon seem both terrifying and entertaining. I love this song but really hope we won’t get to the point where a wedding cake bursts before the wedding ends…at least not anytime soon.

For more from Greg Bounce check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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