Thexele – Forget Our Love (2021)

The brainchild of Russian-born Elena Selezneva, Thexele is a fusion of folk, pop and indie-pop. Embracing music at a young age, Thexele dreamed of becoming a professional pianist when she was still a toddler. The great thing is, she pursued and received a higher education degree in art studying vocals and choreography. Filled with intriguing themes, evocative melodies and a sense of intimacy, this young songstress is taking the world by storm. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Forget Our Love’.

Currently residing in Thailand, the independent songwriter, performer and designer creates music to connect with audiences. The follow-up to her acoustic debut single ‘You’re Always On My Mind’, ‘Forget Our Love’ adopts a smooth, flowing and heartfelt melody. While not a barebones “piano and vocals” structure like the debut track, ‘Forget Our Love’ retains the simplicity of a vulnerable ballad. The combination of guitars, drums and distinctive piano melds effortlessly with Thexele’s dulcet tones tipping you into a comfortable bubble of sound.

Bold in both lyricism and instrumentation ‘Forget Our Love’ is infectious and memorable. Moving from a gentle melody to a crescendo of emotion with the powerful lead guitar, Thexele showcases innovation, versatility and depth of content. While there is a languid soothing in ‘Forget Our Love’, the track touches on a sensitive breakup of a passionate love affair. I find it interesting how the poetic lyricism and tender melody harmonise to captivate you in this personal tale.

Anthemic and heartbreaking, Thexele has the ability to create impassioned singles without too much effort. I can easily see ‘Forget Our Love’ played as part of a soundtrack in those coming-of-age films. Overall, I love ‘Forget Our Love’ and I will never forget it.

In addition to the single, Thexele released an official lyrics video for ‘Forget Our Love’. You can see the video below:

For more from Thexele check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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