Groan Room – Greasy Thumbs (2022)

Groan Room are tackling a different type of song with their characteristic contrasts in ‘Greasy Thumbs’. An unusually happy single, the track contemplates the simplicity of companionship and happy relationships. Packed with their usual slacker rock tones, there is a distinct lack of self-deprecation and apathy to the music that makes it different to their other music while showcasing their versatility.

Continuing to draw inspiration from grunge and slacker rock, the band gets you moving through their sound to a cathartic climax. Using the combined talents of seasoned musicians, they fill our ears with raucous and heavy tones that are rather addictive. The roaring energy of their music is complemented by the movement of their rhythm which truly brings the contrasts of their music to life.

‘Greasy Thumbs’ grabs your attention with a deep thrum in the opening that leads to a twang of guitars and steady drum. While that twanging guitar tone weaves through the soundscape, a second guitar line enters with a light dance. There is a steady march to the music which leads you down a meandering path that takes a detour into the furious guitar tones. The movement of the music is wonderful as it brings the contrast of soft and loud sounds to the single. The burst of tones on the chorus drops for the verses to take over again. This rise and fall movement to the music has you hooked to the waves of the melody.

While the melody has a circular contrasting flow, the vocals whisper against your ears. There is an easy storytelling vibe to the lyrics that put a small smile on your face as you think of all the good things detailed. Even when the chorus pulses, the vocals retain their gentle flow. There is a deep happiness threaded into each word of the vocal performance that lifts your spirits and fills your senses with good vibes. These vibes are a little at odds with the music at times, furthering the power of contrasts that the band is so good at.

Groan Room brings a masterpiece of contrast to life with ‘Greasy Thumbs’ as they inject happy vibes into the rise and fall of the soundscape. The music has a steady march to the beats while the energy of the guitars flow through you. The vocals are gentle as they whisper into your ears and pull you into the story of the lyrics.

Find out more about Groan Room on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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