The Lisbön Treaty – 001 (2020)

Sometimes you just need a little noise and The Lisbön Treaty is here to give it to you. The instrumental noise project comes from Andy Watts who has worked and toured with numerous bands and been part of The Seahorses. Now, he is making short, sharp and brutal noise for you to enjoy.

His debut single ‘001’ is a great introduction to this new project and the emotive noise he has to offer. Taking on the challenging times we live in and letting out frustrations and fears, the short and succinct track sonically captures our deeper emotions. The single is like a sonic splash of acid with a rolling roar of danceable vibes.

‘001’ hits you with crashing drums from the first moment. These drums propel you into the soundscape where you are picked up by vibrating tones. The drums continue in the lower levels to bounce you along the melody. There is a pause in the music before a swing in the overall melody. The different layers of sound all work perfectly together to create an encompassing soundscape that you are unable to get out of.

The swings in the song take you through emotional twists and turns. The brutal pace of the opening gives way to a more melodic flow later in the single. The electronic sounds flow like a river of music that you are just floating along with. However, as you traverse the sonic currents, you are filled with a range of emotions. There is something in the depths that tries to tug you down only for you to be buoyed by the lighter notes.

The Lisbön Treaty uses an onslaught of sharp yet melodic noise to take you down sonic rapids full of frustration, fears and hope in ‘001’. This debut single sets the stage for the musical project and has you wanting more. Through the waves of electronic sounds, you are filled with emotions while the brutal noise is pleasant to listen to.

Find out more about The Lisbön Treaty on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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