Guardrail – Social Meteor (2021)

While social media has become a part of our lives, there are a lot of problems caused by it. This is something that Guardrail confront with their single ‘Social Meteor’. The track is a barrage of sound that wraps around biting lyrical commentary on our addiction to social media and the effect it has on identity and self-worth.

Carrying their exasperation and helplessness, the single drives home a message that anyone who uses social media should hear. Kevin Andrew (vocals), Ken Ugel (guitar, vocals), Alyssa Laessig (bass, vocals) and Doug Brand (drums) became the final line-up of the band in 2018 and have since released a string of singles and an EP. Now, they are showing that they have no intention of letting up as they hit us with intense riffs, explosive drums and captivating vocals.

The guitars that open ‘Social Meteor’ have an addictive energy to them that fills your chest and vibrates. This moves into a movement that is all punk-rock punches and pure enjoyment. You can’t listen to this melody and not feel the urge to rock out to it. There is no let-up in the energy of the music from the first moment to the very last tone of the track. The drums pound through your senses while the guitars pick you up and get you jumping around to their flow.

Over all of this are the vocals that carry the punk rock vibes of the melody. This is wrapped around some biting commentary about the effects of social media and the standards they impose. While the vocals have a message you should really listen to, they are also extremely catchy and make you want to shout out with them. The chorus, in particular, will stick in your brain for a really long time and you might catch yourself singing it at random times. The movement of the vocal delivery is a punch that turns into bouncing flows with a shout in the background to bolster the messaging.

Guardrail have you jumping around to their sound as they tackle the effects of social media addiction in ‘Social Meteor’. The track is a punk-rock extravaganza that doesn’t let up for a second and has you lost in the punchy, biting energy. The vocals wrap fierce energy around pointed lyrics that stick in your brain.

Find out more about Guardrail on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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