The Harry R Pi – Nothing is Everything (2021)

If you are in the mood for some music that is different to your usual fare, you are in the right place. The Harry R Pi is here with a captivating offering that brings layers of existential musing with ‘Nothing is Everything’. Bringing classic rock to classical sounds and throwing in a splash of pop and modern rock for good measure, he brings layers of sound and the joy of discovering something new to our ears.

With a sound that transports you to new and exciting locations in your mind, his music is more than what it appears on first listen. More a journey as well as the destination, his sound combines genres, the tangible and intangible for a really heady listening experience. Drawing in the influence of great instrumental rock of the past, he has you floating into new waves of awareness that you never knew existed.

‘Nothing is Everything’ slowly opens with an almost ambient vibe. The vocal sample gives the tones a bit of direction as they build in movement. The light touches of the music give way to a guitar line that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. The melody is packed with layers of sound that has your senses reaching out into the soundscape. Woven into this is a curiosity that you can’t deny that makes you want to follow the threads being tossed out into the ether. You can’t help but, at the very least, sway to the music as it brings a touch of nostalgia to your ears. This nostalgic vibe is wrapped into each note but tempered by a modern edge.

Each instrument gets a chance to shine through the soundscape and bring its own contemplations to the track. While the vocal sample is the main vocal line, there is a deep line that makes you question everything. These vocals add texture to the already wonderfully layered melody. It is best to listen to this track a few times because you are sure to find something new and feel a different thoughtful thread with each repeat. There are layers resting under layers that make this an interesting track that has your mind floating into new and unexplored plains of existence.

The Harry R Pi has you floating into unexplored worlds and questioning what you need in life through the stunning layers of ‘Nothing is Everything’. Fusing retro nostalgia with modern edges, he has you resting on the music while your mind flies out in all directions. The vocals are subtle inclusions that offer a touch of direction but still allow you to move where the music takes you.

Find out more about The Harry R Pi on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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