Ha1ey – Seltzer (2021)

There are a lot of little things in life that are designed to make us feel small or silence our voices. Ha1ey is burning through them with her fiery and unapologetic empowerment anthem ‘Seltzer’. Embracing her power as a woman in music production, she brings a sense of confidence to anyone who is tired of being sidelined.

With an edge to the fire, she encourages listeners to claim their place in whatever world they want and lifts them out of the expectations of society. An independent artist from Miami, Ha1ey is unafraid to speak the truth to a flair of cinematic musical drama. With her soulful vocals, she turns every song into a true performance that leaves you thrilled by the experience and her open storytelling style.

‘Seltzer’ rises with an orchestral cinematic feeling that drops for a vibrating deep beat and tropical raindrops. There is an enthralling rhythm to the melody that has your head bopping to the deep beats while your feet jiggle to the faster rolls. While the beats grab your attention, there is a satin feeling to the higher notes that slide against your skin in an utterly decadent way. Through all of this, the movement of the music pulses the message of the track into your soul. The hard-hitting beats are a sonic representation of the empowerment that Ha1ey fills you with through her vocals.

Against the backdrop of the hard-hitting beats and satin melodics, Ha1ey’s vocals are deeply soulful and rich. Her voice wraps around you and settles on your shoulders like a velveteen shawl. While soulful, her performance moves from decadent slides into a soar of empowerment. You can feel the steel resolve wrapped in the velvet of her voice that strengthens something deep inside you. The confidence she infuses into each word glows like an ember that could spark into a fire at any moment. This unbelievable vocal performance covers lyrics that are unapologetic as she stands her ground and firmly states that she won’t bend to the pressure of others. As you listen to her, you feel that you can join the ranks with her and stand against the tide of those who will silence you.

Ha1ey combines decadent melodies with velveteen vocals in ‘Seltzer’ for a fiery anthem of empowerment that strengthens your resolve. The beats of the melody get your attention while the slide of melodics holds it. Over this, her vocals work their magic and strength the steel rod of resolve in your spine allowing you to withstand the onslaught of those who would silence you.

Find out more about Ha1ey on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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