Trent-Jean – B4IDie (2021)

With the help of Diamond Dave the Rooster, Trent-Jean is telling a rather personal story through his single ‘B4IDie’. Loosely telling the story of a kidnapping experience, Trent-Jean is looking to help us all take on the battles we face every day. The single also reminds us to embrace our individuality and feel confident in who we are.

The single continues his powerful dark-pop soundscape that pulls you into the melodic texture he crafts. With a touch of attitude, he forms a larger-than-life listening experience that expands in your chest. Using a hit of modern tones wrapped around some nostalgic rock-n-roll, Trent-Jean warms you with his sound.

The vocals that open ‘B4IDie’ blast through you and hook into your chest. Once hooked, the vocals pull you into the story of the lyrics that provide an overview of the personal experience the single is based on. There is an unbelievably catchy vibe to the vocals that will make you want to shout out with them. Through the performance, you are filled with apprehension over what is happening while being bolstered with a strange sense of strength. Later in the track, there is a movement from the pulsing performance that is all wildfire to something a little more melodic.

Enhancing the vocals is a really great melody that is punch and darkness. The guitars thrum with a dark aggression that vibrates in your chest. There are these layers to the music that each bolster the emotions and overall vibe of the single. While the vocals are catchy, there is something addictive resting in the melody that keeps pumping through your veins. When the vocals take a more melodic turn, there are some light twinkling tones that add an interesting texture to the music.

Trent-Jean with Diamond Dave the Rooster get your heart pumping and fill you with the addictive energy of ‘B4IDie’. Every aspect of the single is like wildfire racing through your veins and inundating you with the energy of the track. While the vocals work through a kidnapping experience, there is a strength to be found within them.

Find out more about Trent-Jean on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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