HALAN – Best Intentions (2020)

When HALAN’s single ‘Best Intentions’ dropped, we were drawn into the dark reminiscence of a bad relationship. In her EP Best Intentions, she adds three new dark pop singles addressed to other people she had romantically crossed paths with. Not all of these people had good intentions and she works through her feelings about the experiences through her music.

While the basis of each track is a relationship she has had, there is something universal about what she talks about. Hitting you with tales of a lifeless first date, a short fling that turned sour and unrequited love, HALAN touches on experiences that most people have had at some point. Building on the enthralling title song, she continues to build sonic sensations that hit home.

The EP starts with ‘I Don’t Know You’ which has this light piano opening that progressively becomes louder. There are some synth notes hanging around the lower levels of the melody that add a murkiness to it. Through the lyrics, you are taken through a short fling where the other party wants to change you. There is a darkness to the verses of this song, but the chorus has these powerful soaring vocals that you can’t help but enjoy. There are a few layers to this song that create the rich soundscape.

The title track ‘Best Intentions’ is next taking you through the dark memories of an old relationship. The dark pop vibes are stronger on this track and just as captivating as the first time I heard it. There is this depth to the synths and HALAN’s vocals that swirl around you. The dark vibes of the track are threaded through the melody and vocals in a balanced and perfectly arranged manner.

‘Can’t Keep You’ has this interesting opening that draws you in with these sombre lines and shuffling tones. You can feel the melancholy in this song as HALAN looks at unrequited love. There is a sense of yearning within this track mixed with the darker emotions of being both far and close to the subject of your affection. The ultimate realisation that there is nothing you can do to change the situation flows through this song.

The EP ends with ‘You Did Right’ which draws you in with ethereal vocals and an equally airy piano line. This song is completely different from the others on the EP and sends shivers through your body. The high notes are haunting while the piano line forms this flowing melody that melds with the vocals. You are drawn into the lyrics and swept away by the music.

HALAN takes you on a journey through different relationships in the darkly haunting EP Best Intentions. Building on from the title track released earlier this year, she connects with the essence of the relationships and helps you connect even if you have never been in a similar position.

Find out more about HALAN on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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