HALAN – Best Intentions (2020)

HALAN is an LA-based singer-songwriter who has been dabbling in various music projects since her college days. She finally decided to pursue her solo alt-pop project last year drawing on influences such as Meg Myers, Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey. Her debut four-track EP is coming at the end of the month, but the single ‘Best Intentions’ is here to give you a taster.

The song is about someone HALAN dated for a month in her first year of college. The bad memories of this lingered for years and she expresses them in her music. All these memories and emotions are brought to life with dark vibes and dreamy synths in a sonic sensation.

‘Best Intentions’ has a synth-driven melody that has this dark and murky undertone. While there is something almost sinister about the deeper notes, the lighter synths add a dreamy layer. The melodic vibe of the track is very 90s or early 2000s love ballad. There is a forward drive that is subtle but unmissable.

The vibes of this song are furthered by HALAN’s vocals which are smooth and dark. She draws you into the lyrics with her emotive and controlled performance. You can almost imagine the relationship she is talking about and feel the emotions laid out. Her performance perfectly complements the lurking melody as there is something deeper lurking through each word.

HALAN draws you into a dark and melancholic reminiscence of bad relationships and memories in ‘Best Intentions’. The song has a dark undertone with a dreamy top layer that perfectly complements her vocals.

Find out more about HALAN on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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