Half Cut K9 – Breathe (2020)

Half Cut K9 is a new London-based band that met on the internet (the shadier parts). The band consists of James Brown (vocals), Harrison Blackamore (guitar), Doug Beckwith (bass) and Bradley Ratcliffe (drums). To start their musical journey with a splash, they have released their debut single ‘Breathe’.

The track is an anthem for the oppressed and a warning to the oppressor. It is a song full of empowerment and was inspired by manipulative relationships. The basis of the song is one most can connect with because everyone has experienced feelings of being controlled at some point in their lives.

‘Breathe’ uses industrial synths to hook you and set the tone of the track. This leads to Brown’s deep vocals that lay down the lyrics and draw you into the track. His enthralling vocals combine with higher pitches in the chorus to add a new dimension to the track.

The melody of the song matches the changes in the vocals perfectly using industrial notes and deep beats. The arrangement of the track highlights the lyrics that move from identifying the need for help to breaking free of oppression. The song revels in the liberation felt to end on a high note.

Half Cut K9 explodes onto the scene with their modern anthem for the oppressed ‘Breathe’. The track is enthralling from the first moment and sticks with you long after it ends. With this being their debut, I can hardly wait to hear what else they have in store.

Find out more about Hallf Cut K9 on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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