Hasitha Guhan – Closure (2021)

Heartbreak is a universal experience that everyone has to cope with at some point. While there are a lot of songs out there that deal with heartbreak, ‘Closure’ by Hasitha Guhan is one you should take the time to listen to. Contrasting heartbreak pop with dark synths, she documents the emotions of a first heartbreak with a youthful pain that is relatable and touching.

Written when she was 15, the single draws on her own first heartbreak, getting ghosted and the need to find closure in order to move on. While still young, Guhan brings a maturity to her music that showcases the years of training she has under her belt. Having learnt Indian Classical music from her mother and diving into musical theatre at school, she is taking the next steps in her musical journey with her solo releases.

When Guhan’s vocals open ‘Closure’, she brings a delightfully soulful vibe. The flow of her voice is smooth and silken as she draws you into the emotions of the track. From the first word, she opens up and drops you into her moment of heartbreak. Through the single, she shines the light on the heartbreak experienced in the digital age from ignored texts and overall digital silence. There is a call-out in the vocals before she builds herself up and fills you with the strength to move on from the heartbreak. The maturity in her vocal performances seriously belies her age and you will be amazed by the control she exhibits.

Beneath her vocal performance is a blended soundscape that brings some contemporary soul to RnB and pop. The soulfulness of her vocals slides across the smooth sweeps in the music. The chattering beats roll into the dark synths of the chorus. Each melodic element enhances the depths of the single and bolsters the emotive hits.

Hasitha Guhan opens up about heartbreak in the digital age while slowly building the strength to move on in ‘Closure’. There is a wonderfully soulful feeling to the music and vocals that slides through your senses. Her voice is powerful and she has the ability to draw you into the single rather effortlessly.

Find out more about Hasitha Guhan on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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