PLÅSTIC – Waterfall (2020)

PLÅSTIC is a north London band drawing on their shameless love of 2000’s indie and pop-punk mixed with 90’s grunge and Britpop. All of this is blended with an appreciation for 80’s new wave and alternative. Kris Limpert (vocals, guitar), Jack Whatley (drums) and Greg Powles (bass) came together in 2018 and released their first track. Their latest single ‘Waterfall’ is a change of pace from what has come before.

While the song is different, it still contains the band’s raw energy as they look at detaching yourself from reality. The song looks at how you can be overwhelmed by your own mental health issues. There is some hope in the track as it also focuses on how you can come out on the other side of things.

‘Waterfall’ opens with a throwback to the indie melodies of the past. There is some great acoustic guitar work that sets the tone for this more laid-back track. The melody of this track has amazing movement to it which builds the song up. The pick-up in the melody is gentle and a natural progression which is wonderful to listen to. The driving beats in the latter part of the song grab you all over again and get you moving.

Limpert’s vocals are gentle as they enter the song. There is a gritty edge to them that is softened by the melody. The performance is emotive and it draws you into the track. You can hear the influences of 00’s pop-punk, but there is something unique about his delivery. When the track picks up, the vocals really shine and the harmonisations add a little something extra.

PLÅSTIC takes you away with ‘Waterfall’ using emotive lyrics, a slower pace and their distinctive energy. The track is full of life but does not come at you hard. It carefully envelopes you and leads you through a story with hope at the end.

Find out more about PLÅSTIC on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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