Hazel – Occupy My Sun (2019)

In 2018, Trev Heaton originally formed Hazel as a solo project at his studio in Gunfactory Studios, East London. Since then, Anto Cossi (vocals), Levi Heaton (keys), Delia Ray (bass) and Calvin Baeno (drums) have been added to the fold. The band released their debut single ‘Occupy My Sun’ last year and have enjoyed radio play.

The track was played on Amazing Radio and radio X. The band also performed the song at a debut show in October last year for Radio 1s The Huw Stevens presents show. The song is all about the only one in your life.

‘Occupy My Sun’ uses an understated opening to hook you. The vocals are the draw on this track and that is clear from the very start. The performance is smooth and the vocals have a great dreamy feel to them. The harmonisations add to the willowy vibe the song has.

While the vocal performance is captivating and keeps you hooked for the entire four minutes of the song, the melody is so catchy. There are some psychedelic tones to the track, but they are mixed perfectly with synths, electronics and rock. The melding of these styles creates a foundation for the vocals that is as engaging as they are.

Hazel infiltrates your senses with a catchy melody and dreamy vocals in ‘Occupy My Sun’. The band is able to meld different tones to create an engaging and holistic unit.

Find out more about the Hazel on their Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.  

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