Ali Thoburn – Nothing’s Wrong (2020)

Hailing from Liverpool, Ali Thoburn is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who battled his cat to record his debut EP Baggage Handling. Together with Dave Morris (drums), Thoburn is now ready to unleash his creation on the world. The first single from the EP is ‘Nothing’s Wrong’.

The song is a personal one but has a message that everyone can relate to. Essentially, it is a message from Thoburn to himself to stop looking for the next disaster and try to assume that things are sometimes absolutely fine. When making the song, the goal was to capture the feeling instead of reaching for perfection.

‘Nothing’s Wrong’ captures your attention with a gentle drumbeat. The addition of an acoustic guitar sets the tone for the majority of the track. There are some vibrating tones in the track that change up the pace. While this could seem disjointed, their introduction is done with a great deal of finesse.

Thoburn’s vocals have a rawness and authenticity to them that draws you into the track. You can hear that the song has a personal message, but he does not exclude you from the lyrics. While the song is a type of note to himself, it is easy to connect with and the message may hit close to home for a lot of people.

Ali Thoburn reminds you that there are times when everything is good in ‘Nothing’s Wrong’. This personal song is gentle on the ears while tugs at your emotions and leaves you with a more positive outlook on life.

Find out more about Ali Thoburn on his Facebook and Spotify.

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