Helen – Forgive Me (2021)

Toxic relationships do a lot of damage to people whether they initially realise it or not. While apologies can often go a long way to healing, they generally can’t repair this type of damage. Helen has taken up this idea and turned it into the infectious pop single ‘Forgive Me’. Through the music, she states that the emotional damage the relationship caused can never be repaired with any kind of apology.

Written as a way of letting go of someone, the song offers a sense of closure for those who need it. While the single continues the DIY recording process of her last releases, she worked with Jamie McArdle on the production. Drawing on a range of inspiration including Billie Eilish, she wraps familiar elements in something that is uniquely her.

‘Forgive Me’ catches your attention with the twinkle of high tones resting on a deeper level of piano lines. There is a very tender feeling to the melody that makes you think of the broken emotions that follow a toxic relationship. While there is a slightly unsteady vibe created by the melody, this turns into something stronger in the chorus. The gentle pulse of tones shines through the soundscape with the strength to say what you need to. This slides into an alternative RnB arrangement that blends with the alt-pop sensibilities of the rest of the track.

Helen’s vocals are as tender as the melody when she enters with the apology she would like to hear. This is tempered by the knowledge that the apology is never going to come and she needs to move on. Her vocals delivery is wonderful as she draws out the emotional damage caused and filled you with the understanding that you can overcome it. The lyrics let out all the things that you would like to say to someone who has hurt you.

Through the tender tones of ‘Forgive Me’, Helen confronts emotional damage and brings the understanding that an apology can never fix it. The melody starts the journey of understanding on a slightly unstable footing before moving from strength to strength. Her vocals are a delicate layer that swirls around you as she reflects on everything that has been and builds the power to move on.

Find out more about Helen on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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