Natalie Clark – Ready To Roll (2021)

Despite me only discovering her now, Natalie Clark has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for some time. In fact, Richard Branson described her as “absolutely and utterly stunning” requesting she performed on the BBC Radio 1 Academy sessions. With the power of Christina Aguilera and the joviality of Taylor Swift, Clark brings a contemporary style to commercial pop. The latest release from the Scottish singer-songwriter is ‘Ready To Roll’.

Handpicked to open for the Grammy-award winning grou Indigo Girls, Clark has a reputation for engaging and energetic performances. Yet, the passionate energy is not restricted to her shows exclusively – Clark oozes joy, attitude and upbeat cheekiness in her original material. Recorded in the USA with producer Michael Gentile, ‘Ready To Roll’ is a song made for summer drives.

Following her soulful ballad ‘Livewire’, Clark showcases innovativeness and versatility with her transition to a solid 90s pop song. Moving from her teaching career in Scotland to a musical career in the States, I like to believe that ‘Ready To Roll’ holds an underlying statement of pursuing dreams regardless of what they are. Clark explains that ‘Read To Roll’ is “full of energy, joy and hope for a brighter future…putting you in a positive, cheeky good mood ready to take action.”

Toe-tapping and anthemic, Clark uses her moving vocals to inspire listeners with the buoyant song. Unlike most songs that have darker, sombre meanings, this album is optimistic, empowering and makes you want to get up and dance. The rich vocals combine harmonically with the instrumentation making you feel, well, happy and like you can take on the world. In a word, ‘Ready To Roll’ is the sonic representation of Carpe Diem.

In addition to her single, Natalie Clark released an official music video for ‘Ready To Roll’. Directed by Heather McKay, the video adds a visual element to the single’s concept of seizing the day. It begins in a 50s-style diner with Clark as a (struggling) waitress but ends with her giving a massive tip to the new kid. A tale of empowerment, strength and laughter, the music video for ‘Ready To Roll’ is bright, happy and slaps a grin on your face. Big bonus: no strobe effects so I was able to watch it from beginning to end!

For more from Natalie Clark check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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