Hendrix – What Happened 2 (2020)

‘What Happened 2’ by Hendrix sends you into a synth-driven soundscape full of catchy lyrics and tight arrangements. The seventh and penultimate instalment in his 8 episode series, the single offers relatable lyrics and a passionate performance. If you are looking for a continuation of the series or you are hearing him for the first time, this song will have you captivated.

Ian Hendrix, the man behind the music, draws on a history of music having grown up in a musical family. Drawing on real-life, he creates introspective and personal songs that are relatable and poetic. The round off the musical experience is the accompanying music videos for the series.

‘What Happened 2’ has a catchy opening line that draws you into the song. This gives way to a synth-driven melody that is full of wonder. The melody drops for the vocals with a pulsing piano line resting in the lower levels. This easy melody swings back to the electronic tones for the chorus. There is a soaring feeling to the melody for the chorus that you fly along. It is a very exciting soundscape that you are effortlessly drawn into.

Over the slower melody is Katie Shorey’s vocals. Her performance draws you into the story of the single as she weaves her way through the electronic melody. When the chorus hits, her vocals send you soaring into space as the melody propels you forward. While there is a great soaring feeling to the vocals, there is also a sadness resting in the lower levels.

The story of the song comes to visual life with the animated music video. The futuristic sounds of the melody are visually displayed through the future landscape. Watching the video, there is a dark story that takes some unexpected turns. It is a captivating video that perfectly matches the vibe and messaging of the single.

Hendrix wraps you in futuristic synths, relatable lyrics and a passionate performance by Katie Shorey on ‘What Happened 2’. The single has a captivating melodic movement while the vocals draw you in and capture the imagination. The accompanying music video brings the story to visual life in the best possible way.

Find out more about Hendrix on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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