Randy Harsey – Justify (2020)

Randy Harsey is taking a hard look at the politics of 2020 with his single ‘Justify’. As he considers politics, he touches on the harsh divisions mistruths have created in the world. A politically-charged anthem, the single turns a light on the dangers we all face as fiction is turned into fact for political gains.

Harsey has been engaging listeners since his first EP was released in 2012. This was followed by a full-length record in 2015 and led to this single. Using reflective lyrics and a soundscape that effortlessly draws you in, Harsey gets you thinking while having an enjoyable time listening to him.

‘Justify’ draws you in with a catchy guitar line that really sets the tone of the track. The light pulsing of the melody has your head moving to the rhythm. There is a swing to a lighter and more melodic vibe for the chorus. The melody has you floating to the vibe of the track which allows the vocals to shine through. There is a very engaging thread to the melody that hooks you and will not let go. There are some really great guitar riffs that you should look out for later in the single that just add a little something to track.

Harsey’s vocals have an anthemic feeling as they smoothly filter in between the guitar lines. He carefully grabs your hand and draws your attention to the lyrics. You can slide along his vocals as they gently wrap around your senses. His performance makes it easier to connect with the lyrics and consider the dangers of misinformation. While a politically driven track, there is nothing judgemental about it as he simply turns your attention to what is happening and makes you question the use of fiction for political gains.

Randy Harsey takes a hard look at politics and the use of misinformation for political gains in the anthemic ‘Justify’. The track is entirely too catchy for its own good as you are drawn into the easy melody. His vocals capture your senses and lead you to questioning the dangers we face.

Find out more about Randy Harsey on his Instagram and Spotify.

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