Her Animal Side – Hero (2018)

Image courtesy of Her Animal Side

Her Animal Side is a four-piece metalcore band from Manchester, UK.  Their music is similar to and influenced by artists like Bullet For My Valentine, Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium.  The band is made up of David Dyson (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Callum Foster (backing vocals/lead guitar), Matt Buckley (backing vocals/bass guitar) and Lewis Fogg (drums).  These four are up-and-coming and worth keeping your eye on.

Her Animal Side’s debut single ‘Hero’ is, in a word, brilliant.  It brings a newness to the metalcore genre, as well as still using some of the old school metal rock rhythms.  I really like this song; it has a great metal rock feel to it.  I like the different techniques the singer uses, the singing and death growl/screaming work really well with each other making it easy to understand the lyrics but also using emphasis when needed.  The lyrics are relatable, enjoyable, plus great to listen to.  The music is fantastic; the instruments work in harmony with each other and with the singer.  The song is excellent and very much in tune with their influences, as well as adding their flare.

The music video is also fantastic; I like the not complete basement as a setting.  The way the camera captures all of them not focusing on one person or thing is also really great as it means you get to see all the artists perform which adds to the song.  It gives it an extra depth and helps add to the emotion and lyrics of the song.  It’s also awesome to see the band perform as there is more personal feeling to the song.  It also shows how well the band plays together which is great when you have yet to see them live.

This song is one you can relate to and dance to; it would be great to see them live.  I am definitely looking forward to what Her Animal Side produce in the future.  It would be great to see more material from these guys as ‘Hero’ is a great song.  You can find Her Animal Side’s ‘Hero’ on Youtube, so take a listen to their debut release.

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