DeGreaser – Quarter Life Crisis (2018)

DeGreaser is a rock ‘n’ roll band from Brooklyn, New York, but their latest album Quarter Life Crisis has a definite old-school punk rock feel to it.  I like the rhythm and tone of the music it gives to create the old-school rock ‘n’ roll with a punk influence.

The lyrics are great and have a fantastic point to them.  ‘To Old For Retail’, for instance, is definitely relatable to anyone in that situation and gives a great insight.  The music flows well from song to song, and the album maintains the same rock’n’roll style throughout, which is great.  I liked the rhythm and music throughout the album, along with the lyrics.  I enjoy how all the lyrics have meaning to them with a relevant theme that most people can relate to.

You can find DeGreaser via their socials (Facebook and Bandcamp), as well as on YouTube.  Quarter Life Crisis is released on October 12th and worth a listen to if you like the old-school punk rock feel.

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