Historian – Broken Cup (2021)

All of us have moments of extreme fragility that form the lowest points in our lives. This is something that Historian considers with his lament ‘Broken Cup’. Written at a low point, the single offers the ultimate catharsis while considering the brokenness that is, unfortunately, part of the human experience. Swirling with diverse musical tones, the single brings the fragile nature of being human to a blend of folk, dream pop and rock pop.

While the single taps into something deeply personal, the universal nature of low points and feeling vulnerable and broken make the single extremely relatable. It also continues Historian’s immersive musical style that washes over you and has you sinking into the melodic flows. Combining immersive emotional tones with catchy flows, Chris Karman has created a musical project that covers the senses in the best possible way.

The electronic tones that open ‘Broken Cup’ have a light industrial edge that brings the pace of modern life to our ears. The movement of the drums is slightly off-kilter bringing the broken sense of the track to the soundscape. Over this, there is a light mist of almost ambient tones that offers a sense of brightness against the darkness of the electronic beats. The light takes further hold as the piano enters and the single continues. The live drums add another organic layer to tangle with the electronic notes. The meeting and twining of melodic elements is beautiful and poignant as it captures the highs and lows of the human experience. While there is a feeling of fragility, there is also a sense that things could get better.

This sense is bolstered by the vocals that have a vulnerable and relatable edge. The lyrics are like thoughts flitting through your head as you move through life. The metaphor of the broken cup on the chorus is beautiful as it perfectly captures the low points in life and how we feel in those moments. The fragility of the melody comes through on the vocals that are so tender you fear they could disintegrate if you touch them. Karman is able to reach into your chest and lightly pluck at your emotions through his performance.

Historian fills your ears with the tender tones of fragility and the lowest points of the human experience in ‘Broken Cup’. The delicate layers of sound meet an off-kilter electronic beat to create the contrasts of life while constantly moving forward. The vocals are as delicate and tender as the music and capture the poignancy of the metaphors woven into the lyrics.

Find out more about Historian on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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