Honas – I Can Get You Out Of This (2020)

Everyone has felt helpless at some point and Honas has captured this feeling in his single ‘I Can Get You Out Of This’. Based around a time when a loved one or friend is having a hard time mentally and you feel unable to help, he uses an atmospheric soundscape to convey the emotions of the track. Combining an almost cinematic sound with his emotive vocals, you are left saturated with the raw and honest emotions of the song.

While Honas was a part of Orchid Collective for many years, he is now branching out on his own. The first three singles from his debut album have created an ever-growing fanbase. His swirling and evolving tones are sure to get you hooked and wanting more.

‘I Can Get You Out Of This’ draws you in with a rather hypnotic opening line. There are some plucky notes that get your head moving while ambient synths swell in the background. These synth lightly push you up into the higher levels of the melody before softly letting you down. There is a very easy vibe to the melody that lets you just sit back and breathe. This does swing later in the song for a more energetic sound. The melodic turn complements the vocals and lyrics as they take on a different tone.

Honas’ vocals start as softly and gently as the melody. His voice forms an additional lush layer for the melody as he gently takes your hand and leads you through the single. The chorus is beautiful and fills you with so many emotions. When the melody swings, Honas’ vocals gain in power and have a more aggressive imploring vibe to them. While there is a sense of helplessness within his performance, there is also a solid foundation of hope and camaraderie.

Honas works through feeling helpless and lets out everything you want to say at these times in ‘I Can Get You Out Of This’. The single combines atmospheric sounds with energetic tones and imploring vocals. There is a hard emotional hit resting in each word and note, but it leaves you feeling bolstered instead of emotionally drained.

Find out more about Honas on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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