Black Lab – In A Moment (2020)

After a four year break, Black Lab is back with their newest track ‘In A Moment’. The band started in San Francisco before moving to LA where they experienced great success making major label records. After leaving Geffen and Epic, the band was distilled to Paul Durham (vocals, songwriter) and Andy Ellis (producer, composer) who worked together from across the country.

The duo’s track ‘In A Moment’ is a downtempo song with a widescreen sonic palette. It is all about finding hope and the instinct to live even in the darkest times.

‘In A Moment’ draws you in with a gentle electronic opening. There is a mesmerising melody that grabs your attention and hooks you on a subconscious level. While there is a slight adjustment to the melody in the track, it is the vocals that really drive everything.

The initial introduction of Durham’s vocals is smooth and deep. He adds to the wide sonic experience of the track through his emotive performance. The harmonisations also create a mesmerising soundscape that you can’t tear yourself away from. The end of the song is a wonderful crest of everything the single has to provide.

Black Lab is back with a vengeance with their hauntingly mesmerising downtempo track ‘In A Moment’. The song is a combination of electronic melodies and emotive vocals that drive you through the message of hope.

Find out more about Black Lab on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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