Honey – When Harry Met Sally (2021)

Honey are drawing on the great Hotel California album by the Eagles for their latest single ‘When Harry Met Sally’. A tale of friendship and love, the track infuses country stylings into a pop soundscape. With a feel-good vibe, it will have you smiling while getting down to the blended soundscape.

This fusion story comes from Miranda Öhman and Magda Skyllbäck who started their musical journey in traditional Swedish choirs. They met while studying in London and formed an instant bond leading them to create music together. With a fresh sound that draws on the familiar, they worked with Isaac Shalam to record and produce this single.

‘When Harry Met Sally’ draws you in with a gentle acoustic guitar and twinkling light tones. As the drum enters, it gets your head moving to the beat while you float along the guitar line. There is a softness to the music that bolsters the emotions of the track. It sets you floating on a river of good vibes and tender emotions. The softness of the music makes you think of good times with friends while it taps into a light sense of nostalgia. The music has a contemporary feeling that is tempered by a retro vibe.

The vocals merge from the first moment which is really wonderful and something you don’t often hear. Öhman and Skyllbäack’s performance has a very ABBA feel to it making while you think of bellbottoms and flowering meadows. There is a perfect serenity in their performance that you sink into as the warmth of the melody washes over you. The country vibe to the vocals is very light as they blend together for something really special.

Honey use their blended vocal performance and soft melodics to send you floating in the retro vibes of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Packed with good vibes and a relaxing dose of serenity, the single is extremely easy to listen to. While there is a nod to bands such as ABBA, there is a unique and contemporary pull to the music.

Find out more about Honey on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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