PREMIERE: Beorma – Woman (2021)

Fusing the sounds of synth-pop, R&B and soul, Beorma is a duo with a unique style. Yes, R&B and soul tend to have similar elements, but the Birmingham-based pair add a contemporary edge to the mix. With Ferns coming from Portugal and Tom hailing from the UK, Beorma is able to combine experiences from their diverse cultures. Oozing chilled vibes, the group recently released their soothing debut Virtual Emotionality. We are happy to share their upcoming single ‘Woman’ with all of you!

Inspired by an Instagram post by one of Tom’s school friends “talking about how gross it was girls are starting to do OnlyFans and similar things for money”. Yet, it doesn’t end there. Instead of being “grossed out”, the friend hypocritically had shown nude pictures of girls and how “you only seem to enjoy this content if the woman is not consenting”. An unfortunate state many people find themselves in.

Potentially a controversial song, Beorma take on the underbelly of these complex interactions. Thing is, ‘Woman’ is not a song about mistreatment, toxic relationships or desperate acts, it focuses on the unspoken mindset associated with rape and porn. More than that, it takes the perspective of both males and females.

What I find intriguing about ‘Woman’ is how the melody emphasises the track’s concept. With simplistic instrumentation laying the foundation for sombre lyrical content. Using a stream of consciousness style, Tom’s spoken-word narrative really hits home exploring hypocrisy in contemporary sexuality. Fern then comes in with a soft tone pointing out the female perspective on how “badass” they are with indifference to any common opinions.

Looking at taboo topics is always risky, but ‘Woman’ is the brutally honest exposure of contemporary attitudes. Instead of merging the Professor Green attitude with Jessie J notions, Beorma cast an overview of all perspectives instead of one. They need all to be accountable instead of only one gender. As Ferns puts it “accountability is really the point here.”

Overall, what do I think of this tune? Anthemic, insightful and hypnotic, ‘Woman’ is the flowing soundscape of what we don’t want to see. In its flowing way, it nods at the grittiness of society and how things really are.

For more from Beorma check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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