Honey&Eve – Stranger Soul (2020)

All of us have a good and bad side, but one side is generally given more room than the other. Honey&Eve are here to encourage listeners to give that other side a little more space and visibility with their single ‘Stranger Soul’. The dark pop single pairs cinematic tones with the darker shades of the world.

This dark debut single comes from Hannah (vocals) and Alex (multi-instrumentalist). The pair met through the work of a friend via Instagram and are now unleashing their music on the world. Together, they create a unique sound full of soft orchestration, blues vocals and low tones. With their debut single, they are rising from the twilight as the sun creeps below the horizon.

‘Stranger Soul’ hits you with both the dark pop and cinematic vibes from the first moment. The melody has a light touch at the start but tension seeps in with the beats. The pulsing beats have an ominous feeling to them as they combine with the cinematic tones that build steadily from the lower levels. There is something about this melody that captivates you from the very start and does not let go even when it dips.

Over the melody is Hannah’s vocals which continue the dark pop vibes of the melody. There is a lot of power in her performance as she draws you into the story of the lyrics. The build-up of her performance leading to the chorus has a sinister vibe before she hits the higher notes on the chorus. Her soaring tone bolsters the cinematic vibe of the track that has you thinking that this single would not be out of place in a thriller.

Honey&Eve inundate you with dark pop tones for their cinematic wonder of a track ‘Stranger Soul’. There is an ominous vibe lurking in the melody and enhanced by the powerful yet creeping vocals. This is a song that you can easily listen to again and again.

Find out more about Honey&Eve on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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