Horrible Youth – Blissful Tropes (2019)

Horrible Youth started in 2018 when August Bent (vocals, guitar) had a bunch of songs and nowhere to put them. The simple answer was to recruit some friends from the Icelandic rock scene including Helgi Runar (guitar), Halfdan Arna (bass) and Frosti Gringo (drums). While they had the Atlantic between them, they were able to record and release their debut album Wounds Bleed in 2019.

From this debut album comes the track ‘Blissful Tropes’. The song is about getting older but still being tormented by teenage angst. The track covers the melodic and gritty tone that highlights the musical output of the band.

‘Blissful Tropes’ starts with crashing guitars and deep drums. The opening leads to the heavy rock vocals that match the tone of the track perfectly. The melody of the song is reminiscent of grunge and hard rock from the 90s. The music makes you want to move to the beat.

The vocal performance is as hard as the rock vibes. While this could be intimidating to the casual rock listener, Horrible Youth finds a perfect balance. Hardcore purists will enjoy the performance while casual listeners can get into the vibe of the track while enjoying everything it has to offer.

Horrible Youth offers an intense hard rock look at teenage angst in your later years in ‘Blissful Tropes’. The crashing soundscape hypes you up while the vocal performance rocks you to the core. If this is your first introduction to the band, it will drive you to listen to the rest of their debut album.

Find out more about Horrible Youth on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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