Pete Gardiner – Pick Your Side (2020)

Pete Gardiner is a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland who has never had a shortage of subject matter for his music. Inspired by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, his music has a passion and style that can inspire anyone. He has independently released EPs and is now hitting us with ‘Pick Your Side’.

The track is full of introspective observations and looks at the big picture of the world around us. The first verse of the song was written out of personal frustration but changes into the outward problems the world faces. Together, the combination of big picture thinking and self-analysis create a truly epic track.

‘Pick Your Side’ draws you in from the first second. The funky beat makes you tap your feet to the music and draws you further into the track. While the melody seems a bit simple, there are a lot of layers to it that make the track interesting to listen to.

As the melody hooks you, it is the vocal performance that makes the song a must-listen. Gardiner’s smooth and charming vocals grab you from the start and spin his frustrations at life. While the lyrics are personal, they are very easy to relate to and enjoy. The expansion of the song’s theme to the bigger picture is seamless and as relatable as the personal frustrations.

Pete Gardiner uses funky blues to vent his personal frustrations and pick at world issues in ‘Pick Your Side’. This track is hard-hitting in the lyrics with a catchy melody that makes you listen to it again and again. There are a few layers to the track that makes each listen worthwhile as you pick up something new to relate to.

Find out more about Pete Gardiner on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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