Horse Doctor – Sinking (2022)

Traversing the realms of post-punk, pop-rock and pop-punk, Canada-based Horse Doctor brings an old-school rock sound to modern-day audiences. Founded by four friends after discovering their musical compatibility, Jake (guitar and vocals), Binh (guitar), Liam (bass) and Arsenii (drums) challenge convention a slick way. While this is our first experience of Horse Doctor, the lads have received praise from global press including Rock Era Magazine, Havoc Underground, Punk Rocker, Roadie Music, and Indie Chronique. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Sinking’.

Following their pop-rock meets grunge track ‘Playa’, Horse Doctor find their pop-punk/emo roots in ‘Sinking’. Taking us back to the late-90s and early-00s sounds, there is a reminiscence to the likes of Soundgarden with a unique edge. Combining dynamic guitars, pounding drums and gruff vocals, the tune has a grittiness in its rough arrangement. Kaleidoscopic with a youthful punch, there is both an obscurity and mellow flow to ‘Sinking’ showcasing their artistry.

While the melodic arrangement does hold a certain appeal, it is the sonic representation that really captures me. Touching on issues of isolation, angst and frustration, the lads explore human fragility in a hard-hitting way. Brash and bold musicality covers delicate nostalgia with sincere sentimentality. Described as being a “cathartic surrender”, it is easy to find release in the intimate ‘Sinking’.

Bold but fragile, overwhelming but subtle, heavy-hitting but tender, and aggressive but soothing, ‘Sinking’ is an anthemic tribute to living in the 21st century. I cannot wait for more from this toe-tapping group.

For more from Horse Doctor, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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